Request: Which Federer Would You Choose? Part 1

Let me just start by saying that I didn’t create the post to just reinforce everybody of the fact that Mr. Federer is the best player of all time. I think every superlative has been used to describe him. My job with this post is to get you to think about which Federer you would [...]

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Competing Players: Preparation Is Key

Welcome to my new blog post aimed at half/fully competing tennis players who may not have the bank roll to afford well trained individuals or an entourage of people to take good care of you during a competing period. Preparation is a fundamental part of a tennis players technical foundation and is a word which [...]

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Tennis Enigmas: First Up-Ernests Gulbis

Back in 2007 a young fresh faced young 18-year-old Latvian burst onto the scene with a straight sets demolition job of ours truly Tim Henman, yes I am indeed British for those who didn't know. For Henman this was indeed the twilight phase of his very respectable career and its true he was struggling for [...]

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Tennis: The Game Of Self-Development

Wimbledon 2008. Its 2 sets to 1, 8-7 to Rafael Nadal in the 4th set tie break when Roger Federer unleashes one of the best backhand passing shots to date given the circumstances. Would a younger, tetchier, less physically developed, mentally frail, raw Federer been able to have pulled this off? Or to even be [...]

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