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Wolfgang Thiem/Gunther Bresnik (Father & Coach of Dominic Thiem ATP Top 10)

Chris came out to our Academy here in Vienna to experience our methodology in our teaching and practices. Throughout his time with us Chris spent time working closely with my team of coaches observing, listening and participating in a variety of group and individual scenarios. As the week progressed, Chris became more accustomed to our methods and was able to work with players himself by the second day. We found him to be very responsible and motivated to work 8 hours every day with different age groups and the kids responded well to him. Moreover, there was a noticeable clear sign of respect from the players towards him. Chris also had the opportunity to spend time on court with my son Dominic and Gunther during a practice session and was enthusiastic the whole time asking lots of good questions to both of them and myself. Furthermore, Chris visibly managed to improve some technical areas of some of our players strokes by the end of the week and adapted quickly to his new environment and seemed to enjoy the challenge coaching at this level.

He hopes to spend more time with us again in the future and learn more from myself, Gunther and the other coaches.

Neil Crawford
Avenue Tennis Club, ITF Veteran Competitor

"Chris came across as an enthusiastic, technically and strategically knowledgeable coach. He has excellent communication skills, a very positive and supportive approach. He coached me in patterns of play and some technical areas to hone my game to play better singles. After only a few lessons I turned my results around and am now entering my next event as a seeded player.

"That's what i call a result! Chris has expressed his ambition to become the best coach at all levels he coaches at. With his skills, knowledge and this attitude I think he stands every chance of achieving that goal for himself."

Helen Watson
Avenue Tennis Club

"I have been going to Chris's tennis class for 2 years and would highly recommend him as a coach. Our adult class is relaxed and friendly but focused on achieving a more attacking and consistent game, which has certainly been the case for me.

"The coaching is well thought out with varied drills and game play. On a personal level, Chris is encouraging, positive and fun to be around."

George Knight
Avenue Junior Squad Player

"For the past few years I have attended The Avenue Tennis Club in Warblington, training and playing in squads and also the weekly pay and play sessions. During this time, Chris Green has helped me enormously with skills and techniques to improve my game. He is always positive in his approach and makes sessions fun.

"Recently, Chris suggested i start competing in LTA tournaments and helped me get started. In my first tournament i managed to get 3/4 wins. In addition Chris had me take part in some doubles matches which was played at another tennis club. This was great experience for me and has made me want to be included in more tournaments of this nature in the future. I feel that Chris has really helped with my confidence, progress and love of tennis."

Peter Whight
Oxford University Tennis Captain

"We met Chris for a weeks tennis in Greece this summer. he is a great coach, player and personality. as a coach he is professional, enthusiastic and committed, and along with his chirpy, positive and fun attitude, he ensures your tennis coaching is both constructive and enjoyable.

"Whilst i was with Chris, I was impressed with the way in which he handled coaching people of all ages and standards. he did it with expertise and adapted quickly and effectively to cater to everyone's needs. I would highly recommend Chris for tennis coaching from beginners to performance level. I miss him terribly!"

Nicki Swann
Parent of Isabella Swann, GB Junior Performance

"We were lucky enough to come across Chris Green when we were on holiday in Greece. My daughter is a junior performance player and she wanted to train whilst on holiday. Chris is passionate about performance tennis and his enthusiasm was shown as he was willing to coach her from the early hours of the morning to the late evening! He gave good feedback and worked with her on all aspects of her game. Chris has a network of players and arranged for her to hit with a junior National player from Romania.

"This meant that despite being on holiday, she came back to England stronger and went on to win two tournaments the following week."

Will Greene
Producer, Sky Sports News

"My game benefited enormously from a week's coaching from Chris Green. Chris is an intelligent and enthusiastic coach, who gets his ideas across clearly. He's adept at identifying which areas of your game need the most work and he keeps his drills interesting, competitive and fun. I was particularly impressed by the way he handled group coaching, given the different abilities of the players involved.

"I would definitely recommend Chris for anyone interested in improving their tennis - in any aspect from shot selection, to technique, to game plan."

Simon Everest
Padnell Junior School Teacher

"Chris delivered lessons that always had a clear focus learning outcome alongside steps to success so that our children could met the desired outcome. This helped our children to understand what specific techniques were required to play a certain stroke successfully.

"With effective modelling of these techniques combined with a mixture of engaging open and closed questions to check understanding, it ultimately led to good levels of progression and enjoyment from all pupils."

"Assessment of learning was good. Chris identified and intervened were necessary by supporting pupils within small groups situations or with one to one feedback. Additionally, with good task design and slight adaptations throughout the lesson, Chris could challenge are more able pupils.

"His rapport with the children was excellent. From the start, Chris outlined high expectations for both performance and behaviour this resulted in our children responding well to instruction and his constructive feedback.

"Lastly all of the children have had a fun and progressed thanks to Chris's coaching. We like to thank him for his hard work not only with the children but also working alongside the teachers' so that as a school we are delivering 'outstanding' tennis lessons."

Jo Hollingshead
Parent of competing junior female

"Chris has been a great tennis coach to my daughter Daisy from the summer of 2014 to date. This has been a crucial stage in her tennis development, as she started competing at the end of August 2014 as a 10.2, and has just achieved her 8.2 rating in April 2015.

"I believe that this rapid progression is due to Chris's patience, encouragement and recognition of how Daisy learns. Daisy enjoys her lessons with Chris immensely and makes sure I text him with the results of all her tournaments (including the bad bits). Chris always responds with enthusiasm and determination to find a way for Daisy to overcome difficulties.

"He is always keen no matter what the weather and it would be wonderful to see him in a senior or head coach position in the future - this would be well deserved."

Andrew Formica